Animal Escape

I’ve just released a little match 3 game I’ve been working on, just in time for Xmas. I’ll post a more technical post later, but it feels pretty good actually releasing a game. I’ve started about eleventy billion in the past, but never really progressed past the prototype or early mechanic test phase. A couple […]

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Unity 2017.x

Way back in the deep dark days of my teenage years, there was this little operating system called MS-DOS 5.0. You may recall it. It’s the one that allowed expanded memory. Man. I could hack a config.sys with the best of them. Anywho. Along with sweet, sweet expanded (and extended) memory there were CPU rendered […]

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Up git Street without a paddle

I recently updated OSX to El Capitain (10.11). Over all I think it’s a great update. Nothing stellar, but stabilises a lot of stuff from Mav. It did stuff up my merge tool of choice in git though. I prefer diffmerge to the standard on OSX which is filemerge. The fix took me a while […]

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Quick ways to get out of the git

Always have to search Stackoverflow for these git tips, so thought I would bang them into one place. How to merge either all local or all remote changes Single File git checkout –ours filename.c git checkout –theirs filename.c git add filename.c git commit -m “using theirs” Or for all files git checkout –ours . git […]

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